Sounding balloon: koppelting1




Tracker (habhub)

CSV data

time: time (UTC)
device: koppelting1 balloon
fcnt: LoRaWAN frame couter
datarate: LoRaWAN data rate
freq: LoRa frequency (Mhz)
gateways: number of gateways that received this frame
gpsalt: altitude reported by GPS
lon: longitude reported by GPS
lat: latitude reported by GPS
baralt: altitude reported by BMP280 barometer (not valid > 9km)
temp: temperature reported by BMP280 (inside the plastic wrapper)
hpa: pressure reported by BMP280
vcc: battery voltage
sats: number of satellites used by GPS
hacc: horizontal accuracy of GPS (meters)
vacc: vertical accuracy of GPS (meters)
lux: TSL2561 illuminance in Lux (formula from datasheet, based on full and ir)
full: TSL2561 channel 0 (full spectrum), raw value
ir: TSL2561 channel 1 (IR), raw value
uv: ADC value UV sensor (4096 = Vcc), to calculate UV index: UVi = ( uv/(4*1024) *vcc)/0.1
object: TMP006, object temperature
die: TMP006, die temperature
maxdist: distance between balloon and furthest gateway
maxgateway: name of that gateway